About Catherine

Diverse perspectives and inclusive insights create valuable, innovative outcomes.
I'm a passionate supporter of diversity, equity and inclusion and integrate these values into my practice and leadership agenda.

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Over two decades in design, strategy, digital, product, technology and change.
An experienced leader in strategy, practice, operations and capability management.
A diverse education background combining design, fine arts, research, business, information systems, engineering and IT.

Considered creativity and commercial acumen

Visioning, strategy and insight-driven design, experience and capability leadership with a deep expertise in research, digital, product delivery and software engineering practices. An Australian and UK National, I have worked for and partnered with many well known consulting, technology, retail, supply chain, public sector and education orgs and SAAS brands both in APAC and globally.

A strategic and pragmatic creative thought partner and leader, I provide incisive and considered approaches supported by both commercial expertise and academic credentials in research management, strategy and delivery.

Experienced in business model and value proposition innovation as well as roadmap creation, product and service discovery, I partner with and into organisations to generate outcomes and possible futures, created with value in mind, positive intent and ethical guiding principles.

Values and results driven, with a relational approach to mindful and discerning decision making, I prioritise listening to those with whom I partner, lead, design and strategise with and for, to better create outcomes with the broadest positive impact, considering current organisational and societal ecosystems of the present and potential future.

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Photo of Catherine Hills - All rights reserved