Hello, I'm Catherine

I Strategise, Vision, Create and Direct initiatives, people and operations across:
Design, Research, Product, Services, Systems, Workforce / Org / Business Design and Innovation. I also Educate, Write, Thought Partner, Advise and Present.

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Let's collaborate!

I enjoy partnering and collaboration. I offer paid consulting, partnerships and regularly contribute to community and panel events, publications, podcasts and conferences. See Testimonials below! 

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"Cath has been instrumental in supporting me with my business and the launch of my first book Career Architecture. Her knowledge of Design both as a consultant and as a leader has also helped me refine my offerings.”

Mags Hanley

Design Leader, Coach and Educator

“Cath has a commitment to excellence that is very apparent. This enthusiasm, along with the knowledge and skills to execute are massive positives to an organisation.”

Ed Wong

1st and LAST Conference Founder, Agile Coach

“Catherine has been a trusted thought partner on more occasions than I can count. Her mix of Design, Research and Product experience is invaluable.”

John Cutler

Product Evangelist & Coach, Amplitude

“Cath has a wonderful way of bringing people together to help lead deeper discourse.”

Dan Szuc and Jo Wong

Make Meaningful Work, Founders of Apogee, UX Hong Kong

“Cath has been fantastic to work with over the last few years, helping enable microcommunities to blossom within the human centered design network. She has a deep knowledge about all areas of Design and someone I feel lucky to have met and consider a thought-partner in many ways.”

Gerry Scullion

Service Designer, Podcaster & Design Educator, Founder and CEO of the This is HCD global community and podcast

"Cath is a highly skilled designer across all aspects of Digital Design, from strategic to detailed design work in UX, HCD and SD"

Helen Souness

Board Member and Adviser, Former RMIT Online CEO and Envato GM

"Radical candour is much talked about. Cath is direct and kind in a way many people struggle to achieve. Catherine is open, collaborative and wise... I would relish the opportunity to work with Cath again."

Simon Harris

Engineering Director, Envato
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